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Full name: Yaseera Abid School: Alwaha International School Jeddah Class: 5 Story Title: Fantasy Dream! Story Content: ----------------- Once upon a time there was this little girl named Lily. Lily loved, I mean really loved fantasies. She used to write fantasy stories and read them to her parents. She loved playing with unicorns and fairies since she had so many dolls. One day it got past her bedtime while she was watching 'My Little Pony' and she wondered that the ponies are Alicorns and unicorns and Pegasus and she loved My Little Pony (like me). Then her mother just came in her bedroom and told her to go to sleep so Lily switched off the T.V. and went to sleep.While she was sleeping she got a really awesome dream. It was that she was in a magical place or wonderland filled with unicorns, Alicorns and pegasuses and fairies and ice cream and sweets everywhere. The world had magic it was a happy world and the ice creams and all the other magical stuff could talk and had kawaii faces . Then a unicorn came to Lily and said, "Welcome dear Lily, we all were waiting for you!" Lily replied, ' ohh, you were? well thank you! I was also waiting to come here for a long time!". Then Lily got introduced to everyone and she could now also fly and was in really pretty clothes and the fairies granted what Lily wanted as her wishes then they all went on and had so much fun and kept a party and everything else but at last it was time for Lily to go then they all said goodbyes and then the almighty Alicorn came to Lily and said, 'My dear girl please visit us again and when we will need your help our Pegasus will inform you to come back, good bye my dear, " then Lily replied , 'Thank you so much!" but Lily was a bit sad because she had to leave her friends but then a pegasus came to her a gave her a gift which had a photo of all her friends and herself in this world then they all then said, 'You will come back Lily and we know it!" Lily was happy and her mother woke her up from her sleep. Lily said to her mother, 'Mom, I had the best dream ever in my life, " her mother replied, 'Wow dear." Then Lily told everything to her mother and she said in her mind, "My fantasy dream has finally come true!"
Category: My Stories | Added by: yaseerabid16 (2018 Apr 23) | Author: Yaseera Abid
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sorry i published it again as it was in VSHINE also sad
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thz aiza!
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Wow awesome story so interesting, great work my friend, but plz continue it!