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Name: Aiza Iqbal



Story Title: The Magical Library School: Pakistan International School, To her utterly incredible surprise, the scenery revealed a pink glistening door. "Why would someone build a door here in this grimy and musty attic?" she pondered. Emily was a bookworm, adventurous, and valorous girl. In the light of this fact, she opened the door without any hesitation. The surprise which was awaiting her left her dumbfounded and she felt like she had gotten all the things; a child could desire for. Her feet had landed in an enormous library which she assumed, had an infinite number of books. Her everlasting wish of having a personal library with infinite books had finally entered reality. Her heart was conquered by contentedness and she was over the moon. She couldn't believe that she was living her dream. She started roaming about the library, staring at the enrapturing books. While she was ambling, her ears caught a faint raspy conversation. A scene paused her steps; she was glancing at a real-life fairy talking to none other than an elf. She was speechless and the situation compelled her to pinch herself to ensure that she was not dreaming. "Ouch!!" she shrieked out of pain. The fairy heard her voice and approached closer to the bookshelf, behind which Emily was hiding. As soon as Emily realized that someone was coming closer, she became panic-stricken and her heart started pondering like a hammer. Because she wasn't sure that whether the creatures present there would be happy to see her or not. The fairy looked behind the shelf and was amazed to see a human standing there. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" the charming fairy enquired. "I, I,I….. am Emily…" she re-joined. The fairy comforted her by saying "It's ok; you don't need to be scared. Tell me how you found this place." Her words eased Emily's fear and she told the whole story from beginning to the end. "Hmmm.. I see, but are you sure you saw the shimmer when leaving the attic?" fairy asked. "Yup! I am sure and may I know your name and a little about this library?" Emily said. "Why not? I am Liana and you are in the magical library. I am the guardian of this library keeping intruders and evil villains out. I take care of every single book and make sure nothing happens to them. The other fairies, elves, and pixies come here and read or borrow the legendary and rare books. Some of them work for me and help to prevent these books from falling into wrong hands." Liana reported. "Ohhh….. so you are kind of librarian but what do you mean by evil villains and wrong hands?" she asked. "There are always bad people along with good ones. The evil people are our enemies, they want to get their evil hands on the extremely powerful and perilous magic spells and information. They are a threat to the life here as well as well as humanity. If they got the books, Isotopia (The name of the kingdom in which the library was) will be demolished and they will take over. So after a certain period of time, the library chooses its new guardian to safeguard it. The guardian is gifted with the most powerful magic like me". She recounted. Liana was an adult and wise fairy. Emily was astonished to hear all of this and she passed a pleasant smile. "That's why this library is called magical because the books and people are magical and this kingdom is called Isotopia," she said. Emily then asked about the shine and shimmer which distracted her attention. Liana was also bewildered but after a while, she gave a reply "I think the library glistened to lower you here." "What? But why?" Emily questioned. "If I am not wrong then the library found something special in you which it found in no other fairy or human" Liana told her. Dazed look spread all over Emily's face and several questions arose in her mind. Suddenly, glittering swirls and with a strange noise, out of nowhere a book appeared in front of them and both were thunderstruck…..

User name: aiza

Category: My Stories | Added by: Admin (2018 Mar 29) | Author: Aiza Iqbal
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Ayesha this is is the part 2 of my story The Magical Library. You should publish the part  1 too!