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Under the bed
I closed my eyes for a moment, shaping a figure. It felt as if something was above me. I quickly opened them, and there was nothing, except my dark room. I sat up and sighed. The power had gone for a long time, and it was really irritating me.
Finally, I decided to take out my torchlight. I reached into my cabinet, meddling and dropping things. Finally I found the torch. I turned it on, and walked downstairs, using the torch to guide me. Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks, and my gaze fell upon a white, transparent lady. Her hair were pure black and her dress was magnificent white. But the most peculiar thing was that you could see through her. Her hair was in front of her face. Suddenly I noticed some sort of weapon in her hand.
Well, when finally she pulled her hand away, I saw the weapon; a big, sharp, pointed knife!
I was too flabbergasted to move. I watched awestruck as she pulled her hair away, only to reveal a bloody face with sharp white teeth. It was bloody Mary!
I quickly turned away, but she took a step forward. I took another, and she took another. She was following me the same track. If I ran, she would run too and reach me! I had to do something quick.
At a slow pace, I slowly begin to take steps forward. It felt like climbing a colossal mountain. But I was too terrified of the lady.
I reached into my bedroom, near the bed, and she stood at the door. She was only 1m away from me. Suddenly she let out an evil grin, and said in a rather raspy voice, “Hide. I’m counting to ten,” she said, as she disappeared out of sight.
I looked around in my bedroom, and I heard a raspy voice coming clear through the hallway. “one….two…three……..”
I quickly chose the bed, as she had reached seven, and I had no choice. I quickly dived under the bed, holding my breath, not daring to move.
I heard her say, “…ten! GET READY TO DIE!”
I freaked out. Obviously, she came into my room. She reached forward and lunged for the cabinets. And then she said, “Even if you’re going to win, I am still going to have my dinner!”
Suddenly, I saw her quiet for the moment. Then I saw a knife, its blade came right through into my chest and-
We found the dead body of this boy in the dead of night lying under his bed. A knife was sticking from his chest, and a note was pasted. It read,
We’re not so sure what happened, but we saw a diary and pen lying next to it.
Our detective will soon figure out.
Category: My Stories | Added by: moiz (2018 Mar 29) | Author: Moiz Ehsan
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