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Hi there, people! Our story-writing contest will linger a little longer. Know what this means? We'll expand it! So we have decided to contribute again and all the decisions for the debate contests  have been cancelled. get ready to show your strengths and powers of knowledge! Amaze us with a creative mind! Astonish the world! And always be supported! Forget being apprehensive! You have to be cutthroat! 

For further information or inquires, contact us on the following E-Mail:


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Chat Room

We have made rules for our chat room. Make sure to follow them, or you'll be blocked!

1. No swear words or foul language should be used. 

2. No abusive language and no bullying will be tolerated.

3. Using abusive language and bullying can get you in big trouble.

4. Everything should be commented nicely and no rude behavior like "I hate you!" will be used.

5. No one should post a topic that regards violence.

We hope you follow them! If you find anyone who's not tolerating the rules, you can send us a PM (Private Message)!

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We'll be posting all the entries of the International Story-Writing Contest very soon. For now, our registration for debate contest has been opened.

Each user will be sent in email a sample and the topic. the topic is,

"Is Personality Innate or nurtured?" 

everyone has to write only their names and their speeches. It should be of minimum 2 pages and maximum 7 pages. Everyone is already registered because everyone who have made their accounts here are supposed to participate in it. It depends to them whether they send their entry or not. Anyways, the entries must be submitted by either the "register for contest page" or either through email:

Email Info

Email: thestoriesworldservice@gmail.com

Contact Email: aishafaisal190@gmail.com

The entries must be submitted by 20th of March. Results will be on 15th of April(when April fool approaches!). 

Toodles ... Read more »

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Hello! The Stories World is organizing an International Story-Writing Contest for everybody out there! Registration starts from 15th January. Deadline is 30th January. Entries to be published at 5th February. Winners and overall result will appear on the website at 15th February. Five winners will be selected. Each winning user will get a certificate, and their free website made by the administrators, based on the user's information. We would love our little stars competing and having bright futures. To sign up, you would have to visit the following page: http://thestoryworld.ucoz.net/index/0-3 . So, get ready and join the fun!

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